70% the population in India live below poverty line as most of the people are poor and doing manual work as labourers they consume morning breakfast, noon lunch, then at evening at 16 00 hrs again consume little rice and wheat with dal and again at 22 00 hrs consume the same before going to bed thus consuming 2 kgs of rice dal wheat and vegetables per day including wastage

Now if one person consumes food upto 2 kgs everyday then he will consume 73 metric tonnes of food in 10 years, so if that person lives upto 80 years he would have consumed 73 million tonnes multiplied by 80 years that is approximately 5.84 million tonnes of food including 15% of wastage of food.

This comes to roughly 20 m/t of wheat 20 m/t of rice 6 m/t of vegetables ,pickles and also includes tea and coffee 4 m/t of oil or ghee will be consumed and about 1 m/t of sweet is most likely to be consumed during the 80 years of life consumed by one indian citizen especially poor people below poverty line including wastage of food to be approx 10 to 15 percent we have arrived to figure 5.84 m/t per individual consumption of food per Indian.

Agricultural land cannot be streached like rubber to increase its size in order to grow more food as Indias population today is approximately 1.30 crores by the year 2050 indian population will become roughly 2.60 crores and then we will see that unemployment,starvation,crime,rapes murders and cases of extortion will increase hence in order to control crime first and foremost we have to control our population which is growing out of control.

Incentives in granting loans,education loans start up loans may be extended to only 2 children per family and only 2 children may be allowed to vote families with more than 2 children may be debarred from government jobs,Issue of Passport and any other incentives issued by government from time to time, adhaar card ration card and freebies may be witheld and so also scholarships in higher education, or entitlement of MLA or MP seats to only those who have two children,then only the population of India come under control and people of India will be saved from hunger, starvation, which leads to commission of henious crimes like rape murder extortion and other economic offences crimes everywhere.