India may keep its specific interests in mind and help Mongolia in order to have direct missile hits from this country towards China from any side air force airstrips radar communications and jammers may be deployed this will make India to have an upper hand in attacking china from all sides by Missiles or by our IAF supersonic aircrafts thus India will not have to depend on neighbouring friendly countries for any further support.

Another strategic location is Kyrgyzstan and Tajistan both of these countries are of great importance because from Kyrgyzstan china as well as pakistan can be hit directly by missiles and as such Tajistan is equally important for establishing our Military and air force base in these two countries which gives direct ascess to our air strikes and military access.

Lastly Iran, south Korea Nepal and Bhutan are equally important for developing our Army and IAF Bases as they are having strategic location in the world which can help India to attack any hostile neighbour from any location let us see the progress of defence deals with these specifically strategic location of the country which will help India during World War III by the year 2030 or 2033.Jai hind jai bharat bharat mata ki jai