Drones will be a future threat to our country if it is permitted to be flown by civilians which will cause colateral damage to the vital installations of our country which is described in details below :-

  1. Drones will be used by Smugglers,Drug Mafia,Extremists, other neighbouring countries to cause damage to airplanes while taking off or landing at the air strip causing damage to the vital parts of the plane during movement
  2. spying of vital defence agencies will make the work of extremists and anti national elements easier
  3. Misuse of drones will be more as the farmers will use the drones only for spraying pestisides and fertilizers
  4. If liberal policy is adopted drones will be seen flying over Refineries,Atomic Plants, VIP Headquarters,vital installations of Army Navy or Indian Air Force and even Naval ships frigates destroyers and Aircraft carriers may or may not be attacked by rouge drones
  5. By 2030 or 2033 when Millions and millions of drones will be flying in the indian skies it will be difficult to have control over them
  6. separate laws should be passed in the parliament as regards to flying of drones in only demarcated area where there is no threat to any vital installations of army navy or air force
  7. Damage done to any part of property will make such person liable for high compensation
  8. All permissions to be given everytime whenever the drone is flown either by Special Intelligence branch of police or any other competent authority
  9. Breach of drone flying rules will make the flier of drone liable for court proceedings only in the court of Delhi ,arrest and all future formalities of case only to be done as per the orders of Ministry of civil aviation and Home Ministry in co ordination with bureau of civil aviation and security