Since last 300 years our Gurus have started Guru Ka Langar tradition in all Gurudwaras all over the world to serve free food to all persons the rich, poor, irrespective of any caste,creed or,racial discrimination every person who is served guru ka langar has to sit on the floor which is provided seating on a long cotton or jute mat that is the main reason there is no discrimination between the rich and poor and in one sitting about 100 persons sit on the mat spread on the floor to obtain Guru Ka Langar the rich poor or old or young eat food together in one pangat or line that is the reason there is no discrimination at all

The sevadars serve food to the entire humanity with love by saying Prasadajee,Bhajajee,Dilkhush,or kheer to everyone present in the pangat,one estimate is that about 2 lakhs of pilgrims are served food in big Gurudwaras like Sri Amritsar Sahib Bangla Sahib,and Sis Ganj Sahib ,Recently at the peak time of Covid 19 in Delhi sevadars started oxygen langar near Bangla Sahib Gurudwara

Through my blog I want to inform everyone for such huge service to mankind the Gurudwaras are giving free food to the Hindus, Muslims, Christians Jews the Handicapped and to the diseased old persons, Our main problem is that we Sikhs have to purchase Rations from the open market at current prices and as our Present Prime Minister Modijee knows about our sikhs community services to entire humanity I humbly pray before the present Prime Minister to supply Dals,Rice Wheat,Milk and Gas cylinders to all the gurudwaras at a concessional rate in comparision to the present market rates so that our Sikh community will be able to serve more poor and needy people in Indian Big Metropolitan Cities and other places all over India, I have full faith in our Present Prime Minister who would take initiatives and issue suitable orders to the Rationing Authorities for issuing Ration at Government Rates for which we will be extremely thankful to His Highness Modijee Thanking you from A S KAHAI RETIRED INTELLIGENCE OFFICER