It is considered to be enacted for women rights to life and liberty and gives her rights to protect her physical and mental being although the prior consent had been obtained by the husband for conjugal rights over her body

Now when the act will be passed husbands will be charged for marital rapes and put behind bars for commission of henious offences even if the wife is over 21 yrs of age and the consent had been given for conjugal rights by the wife

1)Workload of such court cases will increase by Millions innocent men would be victimised and put behind bars and the government expenses on providing food and other items to the husband prisoner will increase and jails will be filled up by those said to be husband rapists all over India

2)Women will file fake cases in the Police stations to harass her husband and extort money by coming in contact with local anti social elements as her near relatives just to extort money and have false claim over Property owed by her husband

3)In order to save himself the husband may take in writing from his wife and preserve the permission or consent given for sex everytime so that means if consensual sex permission is granted a husband has to preserve those permissions and file it properly in the file and preserve the same in his cupboard for future references proving written consent had been taken before having sexual intercourse

4) those husbands who are not literate will save the date of consent of the wife in his mobile phone for having conjugal rights, or in other cases women will give her thumb impression every time she gives her consent the same should be preserved for future reference

5) There should be a section in law if the wife gives a false report or files FIR in Police Stn she would be prosecuted for a period of 5 yrs

6) marital rape will create marital discord and will further lead to huge nos of divorce cases which will keep on lingering in courts for more than 15 or 20 years

7) Most of the males will prefer to indulge in Prostitution or go to Ladies beer Bars or have sex with a man or any four footed animals to satisfy their lust

8) some men will indulge in pervert behaviour and have sex with Gays Lesbians