I wish to inform everyone through this blog of mine that roughly todays Indian Population is 1391,942,558 and by the year 2050 Indian Population will be approximately double the todays population as shown in the initial line of the opening of this blog.

I will give you the approximate figures of the necessities of life of below poverty line population which is shown in the next paragraph of this blog.

From birth of a child until the age of 75 years one person consumes the following bare necessities of life :-

  1. upto the age of 75 years one citizen of India consumes the following bare necessities of life in order to survive and that is given in serial order. one citizen consumes approximately 2 Trucks of wheat, 2 Trucks of Rice,1 truck of Pulses ,3/4 to one complete Truck of vegetables .Men need 8400 metres of clothes to wear daily Women need12,000 metres of clothes to cover their body fully,both the Men and Women need at least 150 shoes and 150 chappals whereas women need 300 chappals from taking birth to living upto 75 years of age,these figures are approximate figures and are bound to increase from individual to individual and this data covers only those persons living Below Poverty Line.
  2. Those citizens who belong to higher class may consume less of Rice and wheat but their consumption of Pulses and Vegetables will remain the same, as their financial condition is better they may use articles of luxury ,they may consume 1000000 metres of cloth woman may consume 2000000 metre of cloth ,shoes and chappals may be consumed by 80,000 to 1000000 upto the age of 75, similarly expenses on goggles ,specks, and latest electronics gadets may increase or decrease from individual to individual ,
  3. Those super rich will maintain more than 6 to 10 motorcars about 10 to 15 motorcycles have at least 200 sets of Rado watches,5 to 10 kgs of gold,diamonds pearls,and other costly luxury items ,
  4. These super rich would possess at least 100 crores of property and they would indulge in wasteful expenditure by showing off their wealth to their friends and neighbours.
  5. My submission is that Govt of India may tax the super rich of they own more than 3 houses, those owning more than 3 cars may be taxed heavily by 5 times on petrol and diesel similarly those super rich may be taxed by 5 times the Income tax on visiting more than 3 countries in a year, similarly super tax on other luxury items may be taxed heavily by the government including stays in 5 star hotels, thus money collected may be used for the infrastructure development of our country.
  6. I was forced to write this blog because if oe below poverty person consumes 6 trucks of foodgrains and vegetables including pulses then I can surely state that agriculture land is limited foodgrains produced are limited and it will not be possible to provide food clothing and shelter to double of indian population by 2050 ,hence Indian Govt needs to control population so that each citizen could be provided education, Jobs ,medical treatment and other welfare measures adopted by the Government so that each and every citizen is provided best amenities in future times to come.
  7. If population is not controlled Rapes Crime and Murder cases will increase as there would be mass unemployment and most of the population would remain jobless due to scarce opportunities hence it is important to control population to control Poverty, hunger and joblessness.