It is observed that on highways and roads where traffic jams of more than 2 hours takes place men pee anywhere where they find it convenient to ease themselves but the situation of women commuters travelling by uber or ola ride is very very deplorable as due to shy nature women cannot pee by the side of the road hence they have to control their urge of passing urine for more than 2 to 3 hours or more this causes problem to women as they consume less water so that there is no urge to pee in between the journey period hence most of the women suffer from kidney problems or any other diseases when they cross the age of 40 years as controlling of urine for long periods causes maximum sexual diseases as well as skin diseases,following steps may be taken to ensure women of india get their right to pee when there is urgent need .

  1. At every 500 metres woman toilets may be constructed for their conveniance by the side of highways and roads manned by woman staff round the clock.
  2. Roads where traffic jams takes places regularly may be provided women toilets at a distance of 200 metres whereas on highways the distance can be incresed to 1/2 kilometer with proper lights functioning round the clock and manned by women staff round the clock.
  3. Where it is not possible to build ladies Toilets Police stations,Private Hospitals,Hotels,Malls Petrol Pumps Schools or Colleges or other private classes or any other,religious places for offering prayers,and BEST and ST bus depots staff may permit ladies to pee in special ladies toilets constructed for them Station Masters of all surburban as well as Mail /exp stations may permit ladies as a special request to use the ladies toilets of their offices,but these toilets are locked during the peak period of the commuters deliberately.
  4. No Government had ever thought of providing Ladies Toilets for exclusive use of women during these seven decades.
  5. My final submission is that at places where traffic jams takes place regularly those places may have women toilets at a near distance for the commuters convenience
  6. Every private organisation can also consider this request and permit the ladies to use the Ladies toilets when asked by them for emergency use.
  7. It is then only the purpose of my writing this Blog will serve the purpose ,as it is not that they also have the fundamental right to Pee .