World War 3 will take place between 2030 and 2033 due to the undermentioned reasons firstly oil producing countries will feel that all over the world electric cars and vehicles technology is adopted by more than 70% of the countries and dependency on oil and diesel will decrease, hence oil producing countries will become restless as oil consumption will decrease, secondly electricity consumption will increase to a great extent,wind energy and other techonologies will come be adopted for ease of living,atom bombs missiles and all latest weapons will be used to a lesser extent,more than 40 to 50 countries of this world will release pathogens germs and all types of virus in each and other countries of this world through their under cover agents and secret agents or detectives,due to this germs warfare more than half of the worlds population will die instantly by inhaling obnoxious gases and germs everywhere there will be destruction and deaths everywhere now is the time or never at all to this issue as nothing will happen to cities buildings roads or other infrastructure but people animals and birds will die in very very large numbers before this virus war may start by the year 2030 Indian Scientists may also be ready with different types of viruses germs or pathogens so that we caan give a befitting reply to the countries involved in spreading of germs or if it is possible all the countries of the world may take this issue seriously to avert such mishappening otherwise people birds and animals will die in large numbers just as we utilise hit to kill mosquitoes in large numbers such will be the situation of the entire population of the entire world united nations organisation will raise this issue at a top level to avoid virus warfare during the years 2030 and 2033