I want to inform everyone through this blog of mine that most of the European countries of the world have taken effective measures in a strict manner in order to keep sexual offences against women population under control hence the statistics show that the incidences of rape and murder against women of such countries are very very less as compared to our country,we can also take such drastic measures to prevent such sexual crimes against women in India by adopting such measures for safety of women and girls which is hereby given in details with my comments :-

  1. Prostitution whether gay or lesbian to be legalised in India Permits may be issued to legalise this profession,regular check ups by prominent Doctors should be encouraged to ensure the subjects are free from any contagious diseases.
  2. Rates of such activities may be fixed by Government to avoid exploitation of such sex workers.
  3. Capital punishment to be given to offenders of child rapes and murders with confiscation of entire property ,such photographs of offenders to be widely circulated through newspaper and telivision channels.
  4. Ladies Beer Bars to function for more than 16 hours with special permits from Excise,State and Central Government entry tickets to Beer Bars all over the state to be uniform ,no soliciting of customers will take place inside the Ladies Beer Bars.
  5. No Police raid will be organised without the orders of Commissioner of Police Police will interfere in case of any Law and Order problem.
  6. No Girls or Boys under the age of 20 years may be permitted in such ladies beer bars
  7. Similarly Boys or girls under 20 years may not be permitted to indulge in such sexual activities.
  8. Special concessions may be given to Handicapped or those senior citizens visiting the Brothel or Ladies beer bars for the purpose of enjoyment and for future friendship for which purpose certain admission fees may be collected by the state and central governments so that those men whose wife is dead or unable to perform due to serious malingering disease can also have a sort of sexual stimullation and enjoyment in old age also
  9. No Police force would unnecessarily interfere in the smooth working of the Ladies Beer Bar.