In India everyday 30% of the population survives on one meal per day about 40% of the population sleep in the night without taking any meals in the evenings ,the issue of hunger and starvation was never discussed openly and if any death occured it was shown as heart attack, kidney problem, cancer or hypertension by the appropriate medical authorities in the death certificate also cause of death due to hunger or starvation is not indicated in the column of cause of death sometimes it is kept blank by the doctors doing post mortem.

In India during festivals, marriage parties, and functions and festivals where large gatherings have collected large quantities of different types of food is prepared for those arriving in huge numbers at the venue sometimes due to unknown reasons people do not turn up for the festivals thus the foodstuffs prepared for the unknown number of people attending the venue goes waste and this edible food is thrown in the adjoining garbage bins.

In order to prevent wastage of food people may be advised to fill their plates in small quantities and after finishing it the second turn may be taken in small quantities it may be ensured there is no wastage of food ,

Following steps may be taken to prevent wastage of food in India :-

  1. Our honble Prime Minister may raise this issue in his Man Ki Baat and give tips to prevent wastage of food .
  2. Food which is surplus and edible which had been not eaten by the guests in hotels and malls may be packed into small packets and sent to Orphanages,Children Homes and slums where people are staying below poverty line these packets can be distributed to them, if Widows are found in such slum areas these can also be given for their use, if then also food is left in surplus it can be distributed in Masjids,Gurudwaras, Churches and Mandirs provided the food cooked is only vegetarian food can also be kept in Deep Cold Storage Plants to prevent decay.
  3. Fine should be levied for throwing food in such case that edible food can also be given as fees to Dogs,Elephants,Camels Sparrows, Crows and various Birds and Animals,thus wastage of food can be prevented and in future such instances of throwing food could be minimised