In Intelligence Bureau meetings it was discussed in details for permitting civilians to fly drones in civil areas already i written 3 blogs on dangers of drones being flown by civilians in India, Now you have learnt from news that Pakistan had sent drones in Jammu with explosives to cause intensive damage to IAF planes which exploded at a long distance without causing any harm to assets of IAF in jammu base.

IAF had acquired Rafales and other latest weaponry from other countries of the world and these have been placed quite near to the borders of China it could be possible that in future China may try to send drones like Pakistan to cause damage to latest weaponry obtained with great difficulty hence I feel that Rafales may be shifted to Gwalior,Delhi,or Rajasthan in the interiors of .Indian territories so that such assets could be prevented from any damage due to bomb or any Drone attacks.

All the latest weapons of Army Navy or Air Force can be kept safe and secured in the interior basis of Indian Territories any at the time of war action they could be shifted for quick war action my submission is that safeguarding of latest weaponry is of most importance so that they could be used whenever the need arises in crucial times of war,as by 2025 or 2026 India will be fighting two enemies from Pakistan and other from China at that time Sri Lanka and Nepal will also permit China to use its territory for full fledged Military Naval and Air Force activities under threat from China and thus it will be able to surround India with its Tactical warfare from all the sides.