I is quite evident that China is helping Pakistan for infrastructure development ,by 2026 China will build solid infrastructure in border areas adjoining the territories of India the hidden agenda is China will start war from its borders and use heavy artillery firing along with missiles from the entire borders of Indian and Chinese territories inflicting heavy damage to our men and materials.

China will keep its forces on Pakistani soil and give special technical details to Pakistani fighters pilots how to attack India as war will be started by both of the two countries from both the sides by Pakistan and China in order to defeat India in combined war.

In such situation our forces could be trained right from now what strategy would be adopted by them in case of such double attack by both of the enemies still we have ample of time to device and adopt military tactics to fight war from two fronts with both of the enemy countries

Border roads and bunkers must be built in large numbers to accomodate civilian population in case of such emergencies at the time of such difficult times,in such situation also the bunkers built could be used by our army men in such emergencies.

India needs to augument its naval warfare by increasing manufacturing of submarines and air craft carriers in order to counter China and Pakistans attack simultaneously on Indian soil.