It is seen that case properties pertaining to criminal cases are kept in case property rooms for more than 20 or 30 years due to detioration the property becomes unfit for use later on.

Take the cases of black marketeeing of life saving drugs which were seized in raids by the police now these drugs have expiry dates also oxygen cylinders have expiry dates instead of keeping seized property in case property roomsfor a long time it will be better to take orders from the Magistrates having jurisdiction to order such essential properties directly for the use of patients in the hospitals simply storing it for30 years in malkhana will make such propperties useless for human beings.

Our honourable Prime Minister may take initiatives and consult appropriate authorities and ensure that the seized property is used by the patients in the hospitals with suitable orders issued by the Competent Authorities that is the Magistrates having jurisdiction who would pass the appropriate remarks before handing over the property for the use of general public before the expiry dates of those medicines seized as case property.