Every year thousands and thousands of Engineers,Doctors and other professionals complete their education in various disciplines and enter the job markets for gaining employment they are ready to work as apprentices and also ready to work for less payments due to scarcity of jobs in open markets.

What is the main problem that in todays world unemployment is a burning problem and how can our Government can take effective steps to contain inflation and Unemployment.

1.Our Government will totally debar state govt,central govt and semi government retired employees for joining part time or full time jobs with private organisations after completion of 60 years.

2. Those retiring from high ranking jobs may be debarred to start their consultancy or small organisations .

3. In order to curb inflation Income Tax slabs may not be changed at least for 10 years

4.All the case properties lying in Case Property Rooms will be disposed off with the orders of courts only one sample may be kept for future evidence ,for example at present remedisivir injections oxygen cylinders and other essential items pertaining to medicine are recovered in large quantities from those indulging in black marketing now if these items are kept in case property rooms will be of no use say after 20 years when the case ends in acquital or otherwise.All the courts of India may issue orders that all the medical equipments and medicines would be handed over to the concerned hospitals for the urgent use of the critical patients

5 In order to catch hold of smugglers blackmarketeers cash rewards may be given to those informers who lead the law enforcing agencies to recover huge quantities of smuggled foreign consignments .

6.This is how unemployment and inflation can be controlled to a great extent