Due to severe pandemic some of unscrupulous people are selling oxygen cylinders oxymeters and other medical equipments at eight times the base prices of the medical equipments to curb such malpractices government may initiate stern steps in order to curb black marketing

  1. All the essential items as discussed above will not be sold to any member of the public by any one government will declare this emergency and all of the essential items will be directly purchased from the party by govt of India and the same would be issued to the Hospitals only by the government this is how hoarding and black marketing will be curbed
  2. Those indulging in hoarding and black marketing their properties should be attached with orders from the court and bail may not be granted for a period of 6 to 8 months
  3. These black marketeers will be debarred from joining government jobs or state elections the bank accounts along with other records should be seized and if huge consignment is recovered the property of such persons must be confiscated
  4. special act against hoarding and black marketeeing be enacted with in the parliament giving special powers to all law enforcing agencies for taking stringent action to curb such malpractices
  5. photographs of offenders may be put up at prominent places and same to be widely circulated in newspapers and televisions at regular intervals
  6. In the year 2030 or 2033 world war III will start at that times also people will indulge in black marketing of essential commodities and keep them in their godowns hence if stringent laws against hoarding and black marketing are passed in the parliament then during the war crisis of 2033 it will be very very difficult for anyone to indulge in hoarding and black marketeeing
  7. Hoarding and Black marketeeing should be treated as a cognizable offence and this should be made as non bailable offence
  8. All procurements of essential items to be done by Indian Government directly from the public or through any authorised agency appointed on behalf of Govt Of India
  9. This is how the hoarders and blackmarketeers will fear from such stringent laws