Due to covid 19 restrictions students are arranged for school and college lectures through on line lectures the benefits of on line studies is that students get experts advice and learning by experts of their related subjects learning becomes very lucid and simple and the tutor as well as the taught are happy that on line studies are done without lessons being given as home task or home work as when the students study practically the course is due to be under completion within the stipulated time period in its absence the learning have become easier as all the lectures are available on line for the students to follow up whenever he gets time

The on line learning have opened up more areas of learning on line unlike correspondence courses where syllabus material is given for the full year for the students to learn as and when he finds suitable.on line learning gives partial satisfaction to the learner as the level of assimilation of the subject by the student differs from student to student because of different levels of I.Q hence learning and grasping of the tutorials differ right from student to student.

On line learning main drawback is that all students do not possess smart phones hence in absence of smart phones the poor and needy are being deprived of such tutorials during the lockdown period ,the other drawback is students are deprived off physical activities due to online they tend to become lethargic and in many cases students grow more fat of their tummy in absence of games physical exercises or any such sports activities during their scholastic sessions

Lastly it is concluded that on line learning have taught students to be self centred because it is only the school teaches discipline