throughout the year in india elections are being held in one state or the other be it lok sabha election rajya sabha election panchayat elections sarpanch elections co operative society students elections municipality elections gram panchayat zilla parishad elections students elections or any other elections
these elections are a very costly affair as a large sum of money is spent by the government on transportation polling staff para military staff for bandobast duties along with arms and ammunition government servants are deployed to supervise the election processes right from issue of evm machines to setting up of polling booths in various constituencies if we think seriously it is the tax payers money which is used by the government for the free and fair conduct of election processes without any complaints to the election commission
our prime minister had raised a proposal to conduct simultaneous elections in our country so that the time and tax payers money could be saved if certain elections are clubbed together and voting is done in this case everyone would be benifitted thus the money saved due to simultaneous elections would be used up for building huge infrastructures in the form of roads bridges dams or build electric producing units by building reservoirs on or near to the water falls
this matter is of utmost importance as our country will see progress in future times to follow by leaps and bounds as followeD by some of the european countries