Recently an article was published in a reputed News Magazine that what will happen to India if China attacks India on one side and from the other side Pakistan would dare to venture and start a war strategy to defeat India.Through this blog I may like to inform every one that it is not possible to win from India under any circumstances even if China and Pakistan attacks our country from both the sides the reasons given are as under:-

1)In all the previous instances of war it was observed that all our Indians come together to support the  forces fighting at the borders , it was observed minutely during  these wars Women removed their Necklaces , rings and Men donated their rings , money and majority of them donated lakhs of rupees in Armed Forces Funds ,Many Tamil Telugu, and Malyalam Hindi Actors  Directors,from film and Music industry came together to organise shows for collecting money for our armed forces fighting at the borders

2)Big industrialists and Philanthropists donate money towards Army welfare Funds  secretly in crores of rupees without informing 3) At this period our entire country people forget its caste and other rivalries and come forward in support of our country even Indian Muslims come forward to help when the war had started and give huge donations for Army Relief Funds.

4)All the retired officers and soldiers from Army Navy and Air force  come together  with other Para Military forces to work in co ordination   with  senior division NCC cadets and they work in liaison with all the State Government officials as well as Central Government officials schools and colleges are closed and later on after the war gets over they are given general promotions without taking their tests .

5)The entire Nation becomes one Nation and the entire Population shouts at the top of their voice “MAARO AUR HARAO DUSHMAN KI FAUJ KO” it is seen clearly at the time of war all the 130 crores population becomes one to fight the external aggression  with one voice ,it was observed during previous period of wars  they all forget their religion caste, and creed and only at that period we all feel  that our country  is very very strong and People are fully Patriotic towards their country and thus in the prevailing circumstances our forces will be able to defeat both enemies at the same time fighting from two fronts simultaneously.

6)I have seen with my eyes that Men ,Women and Children have provided home cooked food to the jawans  proceeding for war especially in Punjab Rajasthan and Gujarat states,

7) The Intelligence officers including the Retired Officers and Jawans move around to keep watch over bad elements in consultation with senior officials.

8)Russia our old and Trusted friend gives everything to Indian defense whatever they  want to fight the war, there were some emergent cases  I .A. F pilots had flown Planes from Russian air bases directly to attack the enemies and with the result Indian Forces were successful in hitting targets with more precision and accuracy and with more casualties.

9)N. G .O  representatives  move from   door to door to collect funds in support of our forces fighting at the borders The Income Tax Department declares 100% rebate in Income Tax payments for those who have given large donations  for Armed Forces Welfare Fund.

10)All the 130 crores of population  come together in support of our Armed Forces fighting at the borders ,some elders eat one meal a day and donate their money  saved to welfare fund of Indian Forces that is the only reason it will be very  very difficult for Pakistan attacking from one side and China on the other side and winning the war by simultaneously attacking on our country India .Seeing the previous records every  Indian citizen will shout at the top of his voice ” BHARAT MATA  KI JEET AND BHARAT MATA KI VIJAY ”  this win will be due to the vigilant activities and sacrifices of our Indian People. Hence I conclude that  no country can defeat this Super Power India.

11)The workers in Indian Ordinance Factories all over India would work for 18 hours continuously for manufacturing Bombs and Bullets and other war Ammunition to meet the ever rising demands of war.

12) Hence I warn that both of the nations may think twice before attacking my beloved country India