Well before the arrival of monsoon season the Mumbai Municipal Corporation claims that roads of Mumbai will be free from potholes as they are using cold mix technology which is more efficient and durable, when the monsoon season comes and it rains continuously all the roads are seen having lots of potholes making it difficult to drive,these potholes cause many accidents and a few number of two wheeler drivers die due to these potholed roads.Now I ask one question whether there is any remedy to mitigate the sufferings ? the answer is yes, I will give concrete solutions to solve pothole problems of Mumbai which is as under:-

1)Municipal Corporation engineers may take help and expertise from Military Engineering Services engineers who have already retired for  construction of good  roads which will be durable and long lasting thus the general public would be happy to commute during the monsoon season and there would be less accidents on the roads,

2)Those companies who have build plane runways in airports they may be asked to help the Mumbai Municipal Corporation for construction of roads which will be more durable and long lasting even if heavy trailers are crossing the roads round the clock.

3)The companies awarded the road building contracts will keep their deposits with the M.M.C for a period of 10 years which will be given ordinary interest rate and if there is any repair or patch work to the roads they will be bound to do it free of cost during the warranty period. of at least 5 to 8 years.

4)I personally feel that the roads leading from Chief Ministers residence to Mantralaya are free from potholes,so also the roads from Airport to Nariman Point ,Cuffe Parade and almost all the roads of South Mumbai are observed to be without potholes which clearly indicates that the same set of  B.M.C engineers are constructing good quality,   strong pot-free, durable roads for VIPs and the same set of B.M.C engineers are constructing potholed roads , for the general public which clearly indicates that the engineers have a strong will to do good work   there is an old proverb” WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY ” let us wait and hope for the best for the arrival of Monsoon session of the year 2020 next year.