World War is inevitable as by 2032 half of the world’s countries will be fighting against each other but there is an exception because of our Prime Minister efforts most of the Asian countries would not join the World War, as most of the countries would be engaged in direct or indirect war against each other only some of the Asian Countries would keep aloof  by not taking sides of any countries of this world with the result ,in this volatile situation most of the billionaires of the world would opt to stay  in peaceful  countries with the result lots and lots of changes would be brought by them during the foreigners stay in those Asian countries the details of which are as under :-

  1. The visitors would teach the local population their way of living ,customs, traditions and give them special lectures on personal hygiene.
  2. The local population would pick up spoken and written foreign languages ,most of them would settle abroad after the world war gets over as most of the local boys will feel that God has gifted them with million dollars lottery by settling abroad with those billionaires who have taken refuge during the crucial times of war
  3. Most of the Indian villagers would adopt latest technology of farming they would conserve water right from the first rainy season showers ,their children would  study in english medium schools and go for higher education abroad as their education would be funded by those billionaire refugees ,furthermore their dressing sense will also change so also lots and lots of women would wear coat, pant and ties ,furthermore instead of seeing local language films they would prefer to see English films.
  4. Most of Asian Doctors ,Engineers, Teachers ,Research scholars, drivers   would be in great demand in other countries where lots of casualties have taken place,thus giving jobs to millions and millions of youngsters.
  5. Most of the Asiatic countrymen would adopt European Culture and make fast progress in their lives, even food, drinks and other habits of Europeans would be copied by them within a short time span of two to three years.
  6. Our beloved Prime Minister Hon’ble Narendra Modiji would be given International Peace Prize worth billions of dollars for saving half of the World from World War III as because of his joint, strenuous and positive attitude and efforts some of the Asian countries would be saved from the onslaught of World War III.
  7. Whatever I have written it had come in my  dreams in the morning time between 2.00 hrs to 4.00 hours hence I presume these dreams to be true of facts.