Yesterday  I had a dream in which I heard some unknown voice speaking from behind a golden curtain which  gave me some indications that there is some procedure to be followed by adopting it  our beautiful planet i.e   the earth could be saved from world war  III the details of which is stated as under :

In the dream it was described to me that the world is divided into two hemispheres the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere the unknown voice said to me that if about 60% of the people performed and followed their prayers sincerely in all the countries of the world at one given time of the day for at least 15 minutes in morning 15 minutes in noon and 15 minutes in the  evening time simultaneously at one given time in one hemisphere during day continuously  for some period of time the world war III could be postponed by another 50 years.

The message was very clear that the duration may be short but maximum number of people all around the globe in both the hemispheres may follow this prayer method at least for a few months and the result will be that the war could be postponed by another 50 years it was also clear that anyone of any religious sect all around the world  could adopt any of the methods of praying their gods irrespective of any caste, creed ,color ,sex, or any racial discrimination or  either belonging to any of the religious minority or majority sects thus if the prayers are simultaneously performed by all of these people of all the countries around the world this beautiful planet, i.e our earth could be saved from man made disaster. It was  felt by  God that he also wanted to feel and see  the power of  joint prayers followed by millions and millions of its devotees in large numbers at any given time of the day unitedly. we all of his followers and earthly beings could  wait and watch  until this miracle may happen suddenly  and our prayers are answered just to  save this little planet our beloved beautiful earth.