India loves peace with its hostile neighbouring countries  but  our neighbours  are attacking our army convoys ,and frequently attacking Indian territory by sending Jaish militants ,  what is meant by RIGHT OF PRIVATE DEFENCE this is known to every country of this world.

During our IAF action one of our pilots ejected for safety but he was caught by notorious Pakistani Army ,Pakistan should return our fighter pilot immediately within one or two days otherwise our Indian Army will capture their 1,50,000 men and make them Prisoners of war in future.

Pakistan, do you know that even today India  is a super power who has direct as well as indirect support of many countries which are super powers, hence for peace ,stability and progress of  Asian countries war is not the solution hence Pakistan will give in writing to India.

1)That  they will stop Terrorism in any form against India .

2) That they will show all their Nuclear facilities to Indian Atomic Energy experts and ensure that they will not use any type of Nuclear Hydrogen Bomb in future. also they will give in writing that they would not use  Chemical,Biological,Radiological warfare in which there is direct immense threat to civilian population living in big Metropolitan cities.

3)That they will  give action taken report to India against J.E.M and other extremists  operatives and organisations in writing within 20 days.

4)That  if it ventures in future to attack Indian Army and its installations they will have to be forced to pay up for such losses by India and such matter will be referred to International Court of Justice by India .

5)That if Pakistan still dares to send its extremists and involves in such types of activities then again such surgical strikes will be conducted by India from time to time for its Defence.

6)That if it still does not try to take action against the extremists their trade with other countries will also be blocked by India and all the rivers flowing to their country will be stopped by building dams so that the Pakistanis will have to go hunting for water.

7)Lastly I conclude that India can force Pakistan to do as America is presently negotiating with north korea at vietnam.