Everyone knows that Jammu and Kashmir was given special status under article 370 on 26 november 1949 at that time when kashmir was attacked by intruders the then Maharaja Hari Singh agreed to merge with India with some conditions and some special provisions that no persons  from outside the Indian state would get special status except the Kashmiris,  as  at that time he only feared the Englishmen would stay permanently in their state due to fair weather and good climate, in the year 1952 as per Delhi Agreement the Government of State and the Union of India agreed to give Indian citizenship to the kashmiris .

In the preamble of the Jammu and Kashmir constitution as  passed on 17 November 1956 Article 35- a and article 370 was included to ensure special rights  and privileges of the Kashmiri people which had only temporary sanctions of Honble President of India.

Now everyone is talking after the Pulwama attack for scrapping article 35-A and article 370  which would be an uphill task for the Indian Government,  I am of the opinion that a special act may be enacted in the Indian Parliament and after debates our entire Indian Nation including the Andaman  Nicobar and  Lakshwadeep Islands are given same Special powers as that of Article 35-A and Article 370 enjoyed by the Kashmiris thus our entire country and our entire Indian population  would be on  equality and on par with the Citizens of Jammu & Kashmir and thus our People would be able to stay and purchase properties in Jammu and Kashmir without scraping the old Articles 35-A and Article 370 . Now at this juncture I may add that if it is possible we can replace Indian Penal  code with Ranbir Penal Code  so that our  entire country of India gets that special status  of Jammu and Kashmir as mentioned by me in above paragraphs.