The Ministry of Human Resource and Development had quite recently issued  certain guidelines for the current year that the school bag for primary classes may not exceed one and a half kilogram and that of standard 8th to 10th shall in any case not be above five kilograms of its weight.

In reference to the above subject the H.R.D ministry can also give suitable guidelines to the Education Department which is as under .

In any working day only three to four subjects may be taught by the teachers to the students,thus less  text books and notebooks would be carried by the students,so also lot of time would be saved  for next subject teacher to reach the class as the periods would be clubbed together at least 25 minutes would be saved everyday.

  1. The bulky text books may be divided into 2 parts that is, part A syllabus and part B syllabus this will further reduce the weight of the bags of students, wherein part A syllabus would be completed in the 1st term subsequently part B syllabus would be completed in the next term thus the weight of school bags will definitely decrease to a great extent.
  2. If it is possible Heavy Pencil Boxes, Crayon Boxes,Drawing Pens and Pencils, Drawing Books ,Craft books may be kept in the school cupboards provided by the school authorities, whenever the need arises the same would be provided from the School locker or cupboard.whenever the craft or drawing period is conducted.
  3. Students taking part in N.C.C or Scouts and Guides,Sports or any other extra curricular activities, like Judo or karate where uniform is compulsory they will be provided lockers by school authorities thus the weight of the bag would be reduced substantially.
  4. Students opting for S.S,C board Technical would also be provided lockers to keep their uniforms and Technical Journals.
  5. Girl Students may be allotted separate common rooms attached with washrooms  they may also be allotted separate lockers  to keep their study material and uniform articles.
  6. Mobile phones may be banned in the school premises.
  7. Exams may be conducted by giving more Multiple Choice Questions consisting of 50 percent marks of the exams paper just like Amitabh Bachans ,” kaun banega crorepati” with each question having 4 options out of which the student will have any one option  to tick any one right option, furthermore 20 percent of the paper would consist of  true or false .match the column A and Column B. 30 percent marks would be allocated to subjective type questions.
  8. extra classes for weak students may be conducted by the subject teachers either before the school or after the school is over.
  9. 10 marks may be kept separate for those school students who are engaging themselves in swachata abhiyaan  in keeping their school and classrooms neat and clean throughout the year their attendance may be separately marked in a separate register which will be put up before the school principal on alternate days . Thus the school students would be benefited if these guidelines are implemented .