Recently  Honourable law  Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad gave some good news that a bill for proxy  voting was recently  passed in the Lok Sabha ,now with the passing of this bill all N.R.Is residing all over the world would be able to cast their votes by e- voting without coming to India and it is also made very clear by the Election Commission that casting e- vote or proxy voting do not require any physical presence.

Through my blog I may wish to draw your attention towards the Govt Employees Semi Govt employees from Banks ,Teachers ,Para Military Staff along with State  and Central Excise Departments ,Railways and other State or Semi Govt and Central Government departments including Police Home Guards who are deployed from all over  India to provide  security and guarding at polling booths   for conducting of free and fair polls.

If they are also now permitted to vote by e-voting or by proxy  their actual votes count roughly comes to about 3 to 4 crores which would become a game changer to the political futures and fortunes  of many politicians,of Indian Republic.I feel that the voting by e- votes and proxy  may also be extended to all of those  Defence Personnels deployed  at Siachin glaciers, at the Airports  or deployed for advanced Training courses, further it is added that in my opinion those living without a roof can also be permitted to cast their votes then only we can make a correct assessment about the popularity of the Govt elected by the year 2019 .

I think our present Govt may think about these issues immediately.