If the Ministry of Civil Aviation gives its recommendations permitting drones of all types and sizes to be flown by civilians persons on and from 1st December,2018  though certain permissions may be granted to those civilians that such drones  would be flown only in those areas which will be demarcated exclusively for their flying after stipulated   mandatory permissions  by the Air Traffic Controllers, Bureau of Civil Aviation and Security,and the local Police Administrations,  despite these permissions proper papers registrations would also be done by these agencies identifying the ownership, Type of Drone, its wings span, its identification by unique numbering patterns, its capacity to carry the  objects that  up to what heights, also it would identify its Company’s manufacturing date, Name of the Company , if it is imported the importers as well as exporters name, then if the same is sold off to any civilian for flying drones  the purpose of its use should be clear, that it is purchased for recreational purposes, insecticide spraying operations or for taking photography from above the civilian owner will bring in two guarantors  and give in writing in the court that in case any damage is done to  any Government or Public Property an amount of rupees 50 lakhs would be payable by the sureties to the Government.

Civilian owners would furthermore construct a small godown where the drones would be safely kept after it use,the civilians users of Drones may keep a date wise and day wise log book of records which can be cross checked by any of the  competent authorities to verify the  dates and hours when the drone was in operations,it would also clarify that their use was only during that period from rising of the sun  and before the sun had set in.

Every time it is to be flown ,a fresh permission had to be taken from the Competent Authorities clarifying the proper reasons for flying such drones in that particular area, Weather Bureau would grand permissions as to the weather on that particular time of the day is conducive to the flying of drones, Demarcation of proper Latitudes & Longitudes ,the flight paths, height at which the drones would fly, their flight trajectory may also be taken well in advance from the proper concerned Competent Authorities .

Now in case if the  drone is stolen by  any unknown person , immediately an all concerned message of information would be sent to every one  by the competent authorities indicating the details of the civilian owner along with all the proper documents registered by them,  in such a case a fine would also could be levied and a case of negligence registered against the concerned civilians, reporting such cases of thefts of drones from their custody.

Today just as we have millions of internet users and millions of mobile phones users and you all would agree with me and believe that lots of problems are being faced by the Law Enforcing Agencies, now suppose by 2035 the drone users population would come close to five crores it would then pose a real  dangerous and perilous situation because at that moment it would not be possible to control or  regulate flying of drones in Indian Cities in large numbers ,in such situations it would be very difficult to trace the owners of drones, whereas it would also be possible that some accidents in air would take place due to  head on collisions  of two  drones in the air during the course of their flying which would repeatedly take place thereby causing problems to the law abiding citizens  as well as damage to Public or Government Properties.

Now the real security threat will arise when extremists groups would send their drones in prohibited areas of Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force it would be easier for them to  take the photographs of vital installations and such cases of regular spying on Indian Defense Secret locations, would be possible. they would  hack our Computers  and deliberately collect Classified Defense Secrets or deliberately send viruses or send Radioactive Elements, Germs or any dangerous Chemicals along with the drones   in such areas which are very highly populated or in those areas like Railways, Airports or any of the important  vital installations like Refineries, Ports, Ships,Highways, Runways of Airports, or it may be deliberately be sent where V.I.Ps ,V.V.I.Ps and High Dignitaries are occupying their offices,thus it would become very difficult to control the entry of Drones from any of the routes.

Keeping in view regarding the dangers and perils of drones flown by civilians  it is seriously felt that that in the long run it would make our Indian skies full of dangers  as any time  and everywhere a drone could be sighted thereby making law Enforcing Agencies very very difficult to catch the real offenders who are operating it either from the neighboring country adjacent to border areas or elsewhewe,I feel civilians may not be permitted at all to fly drones in India  even in open areas. considering it as a grave threat to our security in future times to come.