Ministry Of Civil Aviation had announced a  policy to allow civilians to fly drones except restricted security areas,now if permission is granted to civilians to fly drones the consequences faced by the security personals say after 20 to 25 years will be very deplorable as the situation would go out of control as efforts to catch the offenders. would turn futile ,through my blog I wish to explain in details  which are as under

1) It would be possible for the extremists to attach explosives,nerve gas agents and release it in densely populated areas thereby causing casualties in huge numbers

2)The Drones can block the Air runways while taking off or landings ,In Railway areas the Drones can be used by them to jam the electric signals thereby causing  explosions in running trains,or it could be used for explosion of railway tracks in naxalite affected areas.

3)High sensitive areas especially Naval Dockyards, Army Offices, I.A.F bases would become highly prone to these drone attacks also the Head Quarters  & offices would be attacked attaching explosives to drones by the extremists.

4)The drones will cause a grave threat to V.I.P /V.V.I.Ps offices and their residential accommodations  thereby causing loss of important data and damage to important costly equipment’s.

5)If Ministry Of Civil Aviation permits the flying of drones it would be a better option to follow the undermentoned guideines :

A) Drone Corporation Of India Ltd may be incorporated under the direct control of Bureau of Civil Aviation and Security so as to consider such cases from civilians where there is a necessity to fly drones, Government will deploy retired army staff along with drones to solve the purpose and after the work is over the drones will be deposited in the Army go downs with proper entries. and proper records of its use,thus the use of drones would be only used for certain utilities on receipt of payments and after the job is over it will again be kept under the safe custody of the competent authorities.

B) If ownership rights are given to the civilians there could be a possibility of misuse of drones by extremists to either destroy any part of Taj Mahal or Victoria Terminus building or any other place of historical importance,in India or abroad.

C)If this is not done at present by the year 2035 it would be impossible to control such crimes committed with the help of drones by the extremists.

D)Hence in the interests of our country, civilians may not be given ownership rights of drones whenever it is needed by them an application may be put up for proper scrutiny and sanctioning depending upon the nature of utility services needed by the civilians to fly drones , the duration for which it is to be deployed for a particular area keeping in view that the private lives of persons are not recorded with an ulterior purpose to sell it later on for commercial purposes, or for blackmailing that person by displaying the same on various websites.