I wish to inform everyone through my blog that Civil Aviation Ministry is going to permit flying of drones by civilians.,In my view flying of drones by civilians causes a greater risks and potential danger from attacks by other countries undercover agents may be deployed to collect defense related secret information by sending any drone in Defense establishments or any  Headquarters of Armed forces.it could be the accommodations of defense personnel, if our government will take this matter very lightly at this time and grant permissions to  civilians it would be in the form of any Tom Dick or Harry then by the year 2036 just after the next 18 years you will see the consequences that the civilians drones of all types would reach the figures of more than 5 to 10 crores then at that moment our police forces, Defense forces and other  military forces like CISF, BSF ,R.A.W, Intelligence Bureau and other law enforcing agencies will  find it very very difficult to detect which drone is flying in a  classified secret defense area, I feel that at that moment , extremists and other anti  social elements or extremists organisations involved in smuggling  of arms and ammunition ,Espionage,  Dacoities , Robberies may definitely use drones which would be used to commit heinous offences in various locations of our country to locate the lockers  of Banks where valuables are stored in strong rooms furthermore drones would make their work easier by taking out photographs of that premises without getting caught and they would be able to be successful in their missions,

Railways, Highways, and the residences , Offices of , sensitive Defense Establishments would be possibly attacked by making using of drones fitted with one or two time bombs, furthermore RDX, lethal chemical agents like Novichok,or any radioactive elements could be fitted with any type of germs which would be released by the extremists all around the world by using drones in those locations where there are more footfalls with the result they would be able to inflict more causalities of innocent citizens.

Now in certain cases due to high density of traffic of drones in our Indian skies  cases of head on collisions may occur more frequently with the result in either case the drones may damage Government property or cause disruptions of air traffic when the war  aircraft’s are either landing or taking off from the airports.

It is resumed that  by 2035 the manufacturing of drones will be done on a  very large scale by those enemy neighboring countries as they are jealous of the progress made by our country in all fields hence it is firmly believed that at least our government may become very very strict right from now on wards for usage of drones even for taking photography from the above ,now let us suppose there were no drones then also photography  was done, furthermore chemicals  and pesticides were sprinkled on the plantations by hand now if drones technology is used it would make the work a little bit easier  and easier but it will be a major threat to our country’s security from our jealous neighbors who would deliberately send drones fitted with time bombs which would explode at a declared location decided by the extremists organisations hence I feel that our government may always have   a strong willpower and do not permit flying of drones in any where in our country even in those  areas like gardens otherwise the situation would go out of control and everyone would have to face severe consequences later on say after some 20 to 30 years from now, by the year 2035 when there would be extremely volatile situation around the world.