I may wish to inform everyone through my blog that I have a vision that Mumbai City can  be developed into a world class city if our Government is able to give Mumbai the status of Union Territory, today we are seeing that  most of the infrastructure developed is not meeting international standards,hence in order to convert Mumbai into Shanghai first of all it has to be given the status of a  Union Territory, once the act is passed then everyone residing in Mumbai would be able to reap the benefits in the form of paying less taxes on consumer goods and durable s on being the citizens of Union Territory ,the details of which are as under:

Firstly if Mumbai is given the  status of Union Territory it would be henceforth administered by appointment of one Lt Governor/Governor and he would be appointed by our Honorable President of India as per article 239 of the  Constitution of India.  When  the administration of Mumbai would come under the control of the Central Government the following improvements could be made at  a very fast pace.

Secondly there would be quick development of heavy infrastructure in the form of cemented roads without any potholes hence there would be  very less accidents on the roads , more and more hospitals would be constructed for the people from the grants received directly from the Center,there would be an improvement in cleanliness  everywhere ,Road as well as Railways transportation will improve to a great extent, bridges would be constructed at a quicker pace , Garbage collection would be done more efficiently and in a systematic manner  ,Desalination plants would be set up with the additional grants received directly so that in case of delay in Monsoon Seasons the vast population will get drinking water, more and more Schools and Colleges would be constructed and students would be given preferential treatment when they complete their studies from this newly created Union Territory, also there would be more and more scope for Advanced Healthcare for the Old and Infirm Persons,also more jobs would be created in Mumbai being a Union Territory.

Thirdly there would be revamping of Police Administration as the Police Personnel’s would be vested with additional powers to tackle organised crime, hence there would be more safety to women and children  who are working in the offices, hotels ,malls and other places in Mumbai City.

Fourthly Luxury Cruise Liners would start from Mumbai City and tour 6 to 7 foreign countries  furthermore they would complete their return journey with passengers after 15 to 20 days in the sea and then halt in Mumbai city’s jetty’s, for few days in order to proceed for the next trip.

Fifthly Transport sector,Banking, and other businesses  especially Hotels,Motels,  Catering, Malls, Multiplexes and Tourism sector would definitely get a boost it is further added that other banking institutions would also get a big impetus when Mumbai will be given the status of a  Union Territory.

Sixth point when Mumbai  will be under a direct control of the Center  it would be easier for the Central Government to grant /allocate more funds directly so that the city’s development would be made at a fast pace also the  Government can  directly /indirectly keep an eye on  very big infrastructure projects completions within a target time so that the cost of the project allotted to the contractor does not get inflated due to undue delays.

Lastly, I may conclude once Mumbai is given the status of Union Territory the tourists would visit Mumbai in very large number’s after hearing from their colleagues that Mumbai had been converted into a world class city where the crime figures are very very less due to special powers delegated to Maharashtra State Police Officials by the Center.

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