I may inform you all through my blog that at Toll Plazas a big line of vehicles are very  often found standing to pay toll to the cashier who takes at least 3 minutes to take money and give the change back along with the Toll receipt to the vehicle owner which means that if there are 60 vehicles standing in queue one after the  other it will take at least 3 hours for the 60th vehicle to pass through the Toll Plazas, vehicles are unnecessarily being detained  for collection of Toll at such places.

At these places very often fights and quarrel also takes place between the Vehicle Drivers and  toll Plaza employees, in the past there were cases of rioting and fights between them which are still pending in various courts,also there can  be a possibility of manipulation and misappropriation of money when money transaction is being done in very huge values daily which runs into crores of rupees collected round the clock.

It is further added that the vehicles which are kept standing in queue keeping their vehicle engines continuously in running condition are making the Metropolitan City’s air more and more polluted, I feel that this is one of the major reasons that the practice of keeping the vehicles standing at Toll Plazas with their engines running  results to more and more of air pollution in Mega Cities which makes many people sick who are suffering from Asthma, Bronchitis, Lung Infections and other breathing related problems as the quality of air during the peak hours in the mornings and evenings is very very unhealthy especially for the young children as well as old and infirm persons.

I may wish to inform everybody through my blog that I have come up with a new Idea to recover the Toll Tax without any vehicle detentions and that is as under:

The State Government may recover Toll Tax   only from petrol pump owners who will be authorized to collect the toll tax @ 1.00 Rupees per liter for Diesel Oil and @ 2.00 Rupees per liter for Petrol which would be shown separately in the issue receipts having serial numbers issued by the State Government to the Petrol Pump Owners ,one another option is the State Government can also pass  orders that the toll tax would be henceforth added in the prices of Petrol and diesel oil purchased from petrol pumps & the amount of Toll Tax received by Petrol pump owners  would be deposited by them in the State Government Treasury directly on daily basis through the Banking transactions , this method would be convenient for the vehicle owners as well as there would be transparency in transactions thus it would be 100% successful because every citizen living in metro city  would support this idea of paying Toll at the time of purchase of  fuel as the immediate effect  would be that there will be a free movement of traffic on the roads of all of the Metropolitan cities in India .Deaths of old and infirm persons as well as small children will definitely decrease  due to breathing in less of toxic air in these Mega Cities as all the vehicles will move in both the directions more freely without any obstructions by way of  traffic jams,I hope every one would support this cause and send me their opinions .Thanks