A friend of mine who was sent along with me to Sunder Bani sector some 20 years ago in Kashmir suddenly fainted before me and collapsed, on seeing this emergency situation I called for the driver without wasting any time put him in the vehicle and admitted him to the Government Hospital Sunder Bani, the on duty doctor of Jammu and Kashmir Health Services Dr Kuldeep Gubgotra who immediately declared that the patient had just died a few minutes ago told us let us try whether we would be able to revive this patient whose pulse rate is feeble and chances of recovery are very very dim.He immediately administered some injections  subsequently the patient was also given continuous Cardiac Pulmonary Respiration by the experts and it was after 15 to 20 minutes their efforts were rewarded as the patient was partially conscious on the bed as per the doctors advice later on he was kept under observation for about 15 days and later on he was sent to  take complete bed rest in nearby residential accommodation near to the army camp

I used to visit the patient daily in the morning as well as in the evenings and ask about his day to day health progress, after about 15 to 20 days the patient said to me that he wants to say something which is very confidential and it should not be known to any other person I assured him that the information would be kept as closely guarded secret by me  as I am from Intelligence Department . I promised  him that it would be ensured that whatever the matter will be disclosed by him would not be disclosed to any anyone in the unit.

He stared at me and told me that when he was unable to speak and he collapsed near the jeep he could see the color of the sky golden brown on which were the words inscribed everywhere  Hari Om and the other one was Om Namo Shivay in dark red colour  when he became unconscious and his heart beat stopped he could see that his dead body was lying on the ground and one five feet plastic transparent sheet  or glass sheet of oval shape covered the dead body from all the sides ,he could see every one crying ,sobbing, in tears and great grief, the actions of such sad emotions were seen by his dead body from the entire 360 degrees from all the angles but he could not hear the voices of those surrounding his dead body,  as every person was in sudden grief and sad that our soldier is going to die, suddenly there was a sound of shhhhhhhch he only could hear it was just like the deflating of a car tyre, as something was leaving his body he could only see a golden shining rod before him which was shining so brightly that he had to blink his both eyes  because of it continuous golden shining which was coming out of that golden rod, then immediately from the golden shining rod came an unknown voice from that rod that this is not the right person who have been brought, immediately once again there was a sound of shhhhhhhhhhhhch just like deflating or inflating of car tyres and his hands and fingers started moving,this person also explained to me that during the course of his death when the body made shhhhhhhch sound some thing shining  white in color its size  of 2 feet by 1 feet maybe shining  silvery white type of paper or cloth had left the body and immediately visited his near and far off relatives , friends, his old school, college premises, office premises, school and college friends ,very old dark uninhabited  places where he and his relatives used to stay with him when he was a very small child very long time ago it was during this flying process of the body at a great speed he could visit all of the above places within a fraction of seconds when the voice from the shining golden rod of six feet said that this is not the person ,again there was a schhhhhhhhch sound and he could feel that some white colored like shining paper or cloth or may be anything had entered his body and he could be able to move his fingers., he also described that during this period itself he had seen a  dark deep well in which at different intervals wire sieves for sorting was fixed , in the first  a big tray with big stones were  rotating at speed from the next seives or (channni ) small stones entered, this processes continued with the other wire sieves , again stones were sorted  at 4 more levels and the last end product which he noticed at the bottom of the dark long well was only and only  small sand stones gravel of dark grey colour.

During this process he stated that he was a non vegetarian  immediately then one big cock of 2 to 3 floors height that is approximately about 40 to 50 feet height along with a huge goat of 5 floors approximate height 80 to 90 feet stood before him and asked for his eyes at that time his bodys height was only 25 to 30 inches  just like a dwarf  both the animals were adamant to eat the beautiful eyes of that small person of 30 inches as they were very lovely at that time he  immediately woke up and he crying on  the bed provided to him in Sunder bani  Civil Hospital near Jammu. It is really surprising that from that day that very same person had become very religious minded and a total vegetarian person.even to till this date.

I may remind to all those readers that this is a 100%  true story of a person who was declared dead by the doctors but he regained consciousness within 15 to 20 minutes especially  with the dedicated efforts of Dr Kuldeep Gubgotra of Jammu and Kashmir Health Services who is presently residing at Gandhi Chowk Jammu even today.