I may wish to draw your attention towards the problems faced by our Mumbai citizens especially at the approach of monsoons the roads are full of potholes,the drainage system gets choked ,there is water logging at various locations, however before the approach of monsoons it is guaranteed that 98% work is complete and there would not be any problem this year, only verbal statements and assurances are given it is surprising that in none of the cases any written certificates are issued  by those who are directly responsible for keeping the Mumbai’s roads free from potholes.

When the monsoon season approaches the roads become swimming pools children try to show their swimming skills, cars and other vehicles get submerged and their engines stop working,the trees start falling,the electrical wiring’s  gets snapped thereby causing electrocution to unknown persons,the bridges are found to be broken and falling apart from the top however no precious lives were lost due to our alert Railways Motorman who applied the emergency brakes of the local train in time to save the precious lives of the train commuters.

On reference to the recent newspaper reports it was focused that during the period of these 40 days of monsoon seasonal activity in the year 2018  itself ,  only and only 62 people had died either due to natural calamity or due to heavy rainfall all over the Maharashtra State,here I wish to elaborate  and say that those whose only family member who was the lone bread winner of the entire family   had  died an untimely death during this monsoon period  could that family of the deceased be also  eligible for any of the death compensations or not,  as even now it might be still unclear to such   officials that  death due to Dengue,Mosquito Bites ,Snakes Bites, leptospirosis, Drownings or stray cases of lightnings may also be included as natural deaths and those families who are suffering and still considered to be  Below Poverty Line their cases may urgently  be referred for compensation as these are still considered to be cases of natural death  as per the latest schedule of references.

Everywhere, I see huge potholes everywhere on the roads during this period , the news reports indicates that such responsibilities are shifted only from one department to  another department without any remedial measures and without taking any stringent actions against those employees found to have been directly or indirectly responsible. I have come up recently with only one solution to solve all of these seasonal problems for our Mumbaikar s, the details of which are given in the next paragraph of this blog.

As you all are well aware that the Border Road Organisation which is also called as General Reserve Engineering Force (G.R.E.F) & is considered to be an integral part of our Indian Army and comes under Ministry of Defense, whereas other unit is Military Engineering Services of Indian Army or the  (M.E.S.)  these services personnel’s  build roads ,tunnels and other infrastructures for all of the three forces The Army,The Navy and The Air Force I feel those personnel’s who have either retired from these units could be either absorbed permanently or they may be called for their expert advice from time to time,or if could be possible they could also be sent on deputation basis to solve these major problems which our Mumbaikar s  are facing during the onset of monsoons.I still have a strong belief that these army employees may work with full devotion and efforts in order to make Mumbai into Shanghai as promised long time ago.