It was focused in one of the leading newspapers that the Central Government is planning to target one million young students of standard xth and xii th as well as students from junior colleges to inculcate a sense of discipline, moral values Nationalism and self esteem,I through my blog desire to say a few words in support of  N.C.C , N.S.S, R.S.P, National Scouts and Guides etc.

Firstly those students who are actively taking part in above mentioned extra curricular activities may be  fully exempted from any one  regional language paper comprising of 100 marks, whereas exams in those above mentioned optional subjects may be conducted by the examining committee  and all of the students passing the prescribed syllabus and camps may further be awarded certificates which will carry 40 additional marks at the time of admissions in colleges when they would opt to join for higher education furthermore at the time of appointments in central and state government jobs separate quota may be allocated for giving such students jobs on priority basis.

Secondly those students undergoing Junior as well as Senior level trainings in such training programmes would be able to serve the country in a better and disciplined manner especially during Bandhs, Kumbh Melas,Landslides, Earthquakes,tornadoes, and flooding during monsoon seasons, because right from their childhood they are taught to work hard with selfless devotion towards their country, hence lessons taught during those  development years  of their lives could not be easily forgotten by them even when they grow up,as such values inculcated in them will remain in them till their last breath of their lives.

Thirdly these young students would attain the average age of say  30 to 35 years as they may join various professions in their lives to earn their livelihood but the nationalism and patriotism instilled in them during their younger days will help our country to utilize this spare one Million manpower at the the time of  distress in the year 2030 when there would be full fledged war between many European countries except a few Asian countries who would remain only as mute spectators.

Fourthly God forbid if the III World War may erupt  we Indians could utilise the services of these one Million Young Indians in controlling the traffic, In case there are air raids they may be called to ensure all the  major cities and towns as well as the streets are covered entirely with newspapers so that no light is seen from outside,   sirens  will warn  in case of   an air raid,  will be of  most importance to guard our vital installations,which may be guarded by the police as well as their help under their supervision.During the war simultaneous raids could also be conducted by the police and other law enforcing agencies to curb black marketing and hoarding  of essential commodities as these type of crimes and other such malpractices adopted by traders may give them extra money.

Fifthly these one million young soldiers of our Indian country could be of great help to the Police, Para Military Forces, and other law enforcing agencies during those crucial times of the year 2030 when our forces would be busy fighting the war at the borders,these soldiers would fight an internal war hence I personally feel that our present government may revise the syllabus of National Cadet Corps,National Services Scheme,Road Safety Patrol, Scouts and Guides which is still being continued in the same version and the same old format since the last 50 years which I feel needs to be changed to meet  new challenges of the year 2030 when most of the countries of the world would be at war against each other.

Lastly I conclude that only the  N.S.S ,N.C.C ,Scouts and Guides, Road Safety Patrol, schemes may try to bring about a sense of Discipline Patriotism and bring about a broader outlook amongst those students , a spirit to serve our Indian country in case we are facing any of the critical situations as described in my blog earlier. It is felt that each student  would be able to control stress , have a better immunity and deal such situations with a calm minds in achieving such goals when there is extreme stressful situation everywhere.