Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was a great ruler,a great warrior,and a great war strategist it was  during his rule forts  were built in order to defeat the enemies due to war strategies of those times ,most of the forts like Prabalgad Fort, Raigad Fort, Sion Fort, Rajmachi Fort, Torna Fort  were built at an elevation on a sufficient height on top of the mountains so that the enemies could be attacked due to surprise guerrilla tactics of wars by Shivaji Maharaj forces.

I want to explain in details that these Forts are today  found to be crumbling, encroached upon and totally neglected ,as it is today in dilapidated state, now if some of the Shivaji Maharaj forts  which are built at an elevation on the mountains  are renovated it would definitely be of a multipurpose utility in future times due to the  reasons given as under.

Firstly these forts could become a sort of tourists attraction  which would create revenue by way of Indian and Foreign tourists visiting it by paying money for purchase of the tickets when they would come to see these forts.

Secondly, it would create employment opportunities  in large numbers in the form of Hotels, Motels, Medical Tourism etc.

Thirdly,  taking the example of Sion Fort and  Prabalgad Forts  these forts are at a height and in emergent cases especially during wars Air Defense Artillery can  very easily deploy their gunners units to further    convert  it into observation and attack location points  keeping in readiness their artillery guns specially equipped with radar communications systems in case of enemies aircraft’s attacking this city of Mumbai as it is felt necessary that to attack the enemies aircraft from a height is easier, these steps are to be taken immediately for safety and security of this city,  as towards the eastern side of Mumbai  Chembur has vital installations Like B.A.R.C, Oil Refineries  and other vital & important installations which is kept as a secret at present.

Fourthly, in case of any flooding  or any  Natural calamity the citizens of Mumbai can take shelter on these forts.

Fifthly, these forts to me are just as living monuments and their development and maintenance is of utmost  importance because they are a sort of memoirs, we give our great respect to our Maratha warrior and emperor Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, furthermore If we do not save these forts  right now from vandalism, encroachments, and misuse our next generation of youngsters will  not be able to see with their eyes as to in what circumstances the wars were fought  and how our Shivaji Maharaj achieved victories one after the another to become a very powerful Maratha Ruler with a very powerful Army and Navy which was  considered by historians to be far more superior to others rulers during that period.

Lastly I conclude,  that agencies like Archaeological Survey of India , NGOs ,Maharashtra Tourism Department, Cultural Departments,Heritage Departments and other governmental and Non Governmental Agencies may take a serious view of this matter and do some good efforts to preserve history of these Forts as I consider them to be just equal to the status given to the Taj Mahal and consider it to be the Eighth wonders of the World.