The M.P.C.B had declared that from June 23 onward the ban on plastic will be enforced, they feel that it is good for solving  the severe environmental issues, I agree  that the plastic usage is bad for our environment, here I would elaborate that  in our mega metro cities people are dying due to diseases like Asthma,Lung Cancer,or Skin Cancer due to pollution of air ,our M.P.C.B had never given any orders to shift  those factories or Industrial units which are  the main cause of pollution in our metro cities if this is done just as the plastic ban is rigidly imposed  , cases of deaths due to above related ailments will reduce immediately.

The Pollution Control Board had also  kept mum by not highlighting the issues related to spreading of pollution due to running of more than 20 years old vehicles on the roads this can also be one of the major causes for deterioration of the quality of air  in the metro cities .Number of Death  figures very clearly indicates that most of the deaths  occur due to inhaling of highly  polluted air in the metro cities by its citizens ,our M.P.C.B  maintains total silence on such related issues.

I feel ban on plastics is good,but I feel that along with plastic ban,  shifting of heavy and Medium Industries who create pollution of air within the periphery   of big metro cities are a sort of severe health hazard to those residents ,they may immediately  be shifted  out of those metro cities,furthermore shifting of very old vehicles plying in big metro cities to  other non polluted areas or cities is also a big concern , as you know these vehicles cause more air pollution in big metro cities of India ,these old vehicles are also one of the main causes for an increase in vehicle accidents on the roads   , I feel that these issues are directly related to the living conditions of a huge population living in such vast metro cities of India and I feel that it is at now a burning topic  as to  why this issue is being overlooked by the Pollution Control Board which  I cannot say, I have full faith and belief  that these burning issues can be resolved within a time span of at least 90 days if M.P.C.B officials consider this problems as a really very serious matter as it directly   concerns to our  metro citizens overall  health, which  can improve if quick action is taken ,our citizens may  lead  a disease free   long life, by breathing in fresh air.

Lastly, I may conclude that  plastic had become an integral part of our lives instead of banning plastic it can be re-cycled and re- used later on, it can be added  to bitumen which will give it at  least  39% percent  of more strength, thus our metro roads will also be more strong by addition of re- used and re-cycled plastic waste to bitumen very     less pot holes,will be visible during the monsoon time and less deaths on the road may take place.

lastly I conclude that re-cycled plastic can be added to bitumen for giving it more strength ,also it would create more jobs for those rag pickers to sort out , clean and after drying, the same  plastic will be sent to factories  where it will be added to the Bitumen during  manufacturing processes ,thus ban on plastic is totally not justified at all considering its other uses.