Honorable Jayant Sinha Minister of State for aviation had recently stated that the present Government is planning to set up 100 new airports as demands in Indian aviation industry is growing rapidly  at a fast pace ,the existing airports  will be insufficient to  cope up with the growing passenger traffic demands which is increasing day by day,it is felt that within 10 years from now aviation fuel will cost 3 times more and people may travel by trains, or prefer ship cruises.

In my personal opinion by the year 2030 there would be uncertainty in the world and  at that moment only those countries would be able to survive those who have also converted their Civil Air Ports into  Air Bases for landing ,refueling & minor repairs of   war airplanes in those  emergent situations of the year 2030.

I personally feel that the landing air strips of those Domestic and  some of the International Airports are a little bit small, in such cases  the dimensions of the air strips in such cases could be increased, by increasing its length  so that in case of any emergencies our warplanes are able to get refueled ,thus their landing and take off may be very smooth while in an attacking mode ,God forbid if there is an outbreak of World War III such airports can be used even by some of the friendly countries planes who have allowed us to develop our air bases if they are on attack mode.

Deeesa is a small airport in Banaskanta district of Gujarat if this airport is converted into a big large airstrip for the  I.A.F fighter Planes  take offs or landings,or refueling then only  I.A.F will get more firepower  to attack Pakistan on one side and our next immediate notorious neighbor from  all  other Indian Air bases either from Barmer ,Bhuj ,Jodhpur,Raxaul,Coochbehar,Imphal,Gorakhpur,Aurangabad, Nasik and Guahati.It is reiterated that offensive  air attacks from Deesa can put India in  a win win situation in any war because of its strategic location.

Andaman and Nicobar’s Krantiveer Veer Savarkar Airport , Agatti air strip in Lakshwadweep  can also be upgraded for I.A.F fighter planes,whereas  other civil airports like Gorakhpur ,Coochbehar ,Kandla, Imphal ,Bhavnagar, Junagarh ,Nasik Road, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Raxaul and Bidar may be given top priorities. Nagpur &  Jabalpur may be given special status for development of these two air bases as Ammunition and Shaktiman trucks are manufactured here hence these airports needs complete & full development so that during war fast transportation of Ammunition and Army Vehicles  to the nearest  war areas could be made easy hence accordingly these are the airports which I consider   to be of utmost importance .It is reiterated that these airports could be converted into a large airstrip  for the I.A.F.fighter planes to land or take off,  so also it could  be used for minor repairs , refuel-ling in case it is in an attacking mode during war period. All the I.A.F Training Schools and their Academies could also be upgraded to that extent ,  that all the fighter planes could use the air  strip for their take off or landings,in emergency situations of the year 2030 .

As you are aware that Panvel Airport is under construction it may solve a  dual purpose either for Civil aviation planes or for refueling of fighter planes by the year 2030 and in  case it becomes ready it will solve  a dual purpose of saving our city of Mumbai from Neighboring Hostilities air attacks.

Also a memorandum of understanding between friendly countries like Bangladesh  , Nepal,  Sri Lanka, Bhutan can also be signed by India for construction, development of infrastructure   and maintenance of fighter aircraft bases in  the above stated countries  so that in cases of any emergent situations  , fighter planes of all of those countries could  carry out their attack missions from these newly constructed bases from outside their countries within a short time thus 100 % success rate could be achieved due to these strategic locations and we would be able to achieve victory due to our newly adopted strategies .