India is preparing itself to be ready and fully equipped with latest weapon systems so that in any case, God forbid there is world War III at that moment no country would sell any arms to any country in that volatile situation.

India can jack up the Defense Bud jet and in this  case superior weapon technology as well as weapons could be purchased,  as such purchase of latest weapon technology is good for India s security benefits but I feel that those in the Ministry of Defense    dealing with  those   countries  for sup plying the latest defense weapons and systems  they may also be enforced to sign an agreement that in such situations they will not refuse to give any timely latest  technology upgrades to India for the next fifty years, the other clause of the agreement will conclude that when ever the need arises the supplier of weapons will  immediately send their engineers to rectify the defects in such defense equipment purchased from them at least for a period of 20 years , I feel that those friendly countries like Russia may also give uninterrupted supply of spare parts or if there is a latest newer version in any of the defense equipments they would honor its commitment as  per the terms and agreements between the buyer as well as seller at the time of purchases and sales of such war equipments.

Now the other clause in the agreement could be that if they fail to provide latest version upgrades and timely delivery of spare parts of  those equipments purchased from them and  in any eventuality of outbreak of war  a fine of more than 200,000 million rupees could also be imposed by our Indian Defense Ministry on that country who refuses to honor the terms and conditions of the agreement at the time of purchase of these defense equipment.

It can also be possible that the percentage of purchase from old friendly countries like Russia should be increased in different phases as we have adopted Russian Battle field equipments since last six decades and at this time we are very heavily dependent on Russian country for handing us the spare parts and  the latest technical data and knowhow as well as development of  latest war equipments in India with their joint collaborations.

I feel that U.S.A  cannot be our true friend as the previous history describes U.S.A to work  against India’s defence Interests  considering the transfer of cryogenic rocket engines  fuel development and its transmission in  rockets and other missiles developments.In order to please this mighty Giant only 10% of purchases could be made so that Indian scientists could be able to make its prototype within a few years so that fighting Pakistan from one side and China from the other side simultaneously could become very very easier in case of two pronged attacks from both the sides.