At the onset of monsoon season when we go out for a long drive we are either forced to face numerous potholes  you will find that at  some places over the entire patch of the road , water gets filled in  and pools of water gets collected during the rains  as  sub standard  bitumen is used, as it does not have any strength to hold the stones and the bitumen together  the bitumen gets washed away and the stones are left behind, it is at these places small pools of water  gets collected.

The motor cycle ,scooter drivers along with the pillion riders  find it very difficult to drive and negotiate through the hidden potholes under the little pools of  rain water,either there are cases of skidding or it can be a case of falling down on either  side of the motor cycle or scooter which results to hip ,knee, neck or head fractures depending on the speed at which the two wheeler driver was driving and negotiating a turn,if the driver  was wearing a helmet along with the pillion rider the head injuries might be minimized, those not wearing helmets suffer deep internal head injuries followed by blood clots  in such cases if urgent treatment is not given there is every possibility that the patient may suddenly slip into coma and later on after a few days he may die due to delayed treatment for suffering internal injuries of the skull.

Apart from potholes and little pools of rain water the next thing we notice on Indian roads is that at regular intervals of 50 meters we have to slow down our vehicles  speed as the speed breakers are of different sizes ,heights and dimensions also there are no neon sign indicators to fore warn the drivers,it is felt that especially on important roads and highways  the indicators may be affixed in order to have a control over road accidents