I wish to inform everyone through my blog that in India the condition of roads are very bad at the approach of monsoon seasons you will find potholes everywhere, the road contract is given to those contractors   who normally   use sub standard quality of  road materials in either filling the potholes or doing the complete patchwork of a part of any road  by filling it with hot bitumen mixed with sand and small crushed stones,I feel that this is only a temporary solution as  within a month again it is washed away with heavy rains.

During the monsoon when it rains very heavily we normally find numerous potholes, People who drive two wheeler  along with pillion riders very often fell down or break their  hips or elbow joints bones, or in other cases some of them suffer simple or compound fractures  on the shoulders, knees ,neck , in case they have forgotten  to wear the helmets they get a direct hit on their heads by falling down thus they become unconscious and later on go under coma  after remaining in such vegetative condition in hospital for some months, later on they lose their precious lives,those who are able to afford the luxury of medical treatment in private hospitals normally have a little greater chance to survive  where as those who are very poor and unable to pay they take treatment in Government Hospitals where the treatment is good but the  post operative after care treatment is not up to the mark now they are at the mercy of the Almighty God.

Due to different dimensions, elevations and sizes of speed breakers the vehicles who have a very low ground  clearance like Maruti cars and other variety of cars, their chamber gets burst resulting to severe engine oil spilling,in such case the vehicle had to be stopped immediately and a mechanic had to be called to rectify the defect  otherwise the engine of the car will be seized later on and more money will have to be spent  for repairing the car in the garage.

Some of the speed breakers have got worn out from two places where it comes in regular contact with the tyres  of the trucks and trailers passing by with heavy goods  loads  ,the result is  the middle part of the speed breaker just protrudes in upward direction ,due to this condition  also there is possibility of  getting the same problem with the vehicles having low ground clearance.

In order  to ensure  less accidents on the roads, the repairs to the road may start at least in the month of March in order  to eradicate the problems faced by car owners who are having  low ground clearance ,speed breakers of same dimensions ,same elevation and same sizes are to be constructed every where, with a  neon signboard indicator at  a distance of  50 meters before the approach of breakers to warn the motorists that the speed breaker is approaching so that the drivers may become more cautious and they would drive with control and avoid rash driving thus less accidents  and less deaths may take place on the Indian highways if these very very simple steps are followed.