In India when a particular place or region is facing any fury of nature in the form of  earthquake, landslide, avalanche or floods , in such situation it is not possible to send medical assistance in the form of blood or emergency medicines to the patients  needing urgent   help from doctors, in such situations, the  specialist doctors are available in sufficient numbers, they are ready to conduct emergency medical operations but the main problem is that  they either do not have a complete surgeons medical  kit to conduct operations,or there is shortage of blood and medicines in huge quantities in that  remote village.

As all the roads are inaccessible for sending medical relief by ambulances on a priority basis in such situations a patient dies as he is unable to get blood, in most  of the cases a patient breathes his last as the doctor is unable to prescribe the essential tablets .

Through this blog I wish to inform  that, the National Disaster Response Force team members can take the help  of the Army or Air Force personnel’s for dispatching blood and important  medicines to the affected persons  I feel that in such  situations  help of fixed wings drones can be taken which are known to withstand bad weather  conditions.  In some countries Hawks and Eagles are used to deliver medicines by tying the same  to their legs  it is  with their help also  medicines and blood supplies for transfusions  and surgical equipment’s for conducting  important surgeries  can  be sent promptly in order  to save very precious lives.

I feel that our Indian Government may grant   permissions to fly  such fixed wings Drones  and also start giving  specialized training to Hawks and Eagles for carrying blood, medicines and surgical equipment’s for Doctors and patients  in the affected   regions so that precious lives could be saved.