I was reading an article in an American newspaper which described in details that the U.S. army was ready to  fight terrorists who may use  deadly Chemicals,Biological Agents  called as Anthrax,Nerve gas, and other  like Sarin ,Vx,  Sulphur, Mustard ,Soman,  Tabun, Atropine, Neurotoxin  ,Novichok .It stated that their Army ,Navy and Air force personals have separate combatant units to combat with such special emergencies in case of any Chemical or Biological Warfare attacks.

In my opinion say by the year 2030,  there will be an altogether different situation which the world will be facing, as most of the worlds nations may be on the brink of hunger, starvation deaths, unemployment, fighting against new breed of bacteria and new diseases, which will become more  resistant to all sorts of antibiotics and medicines thus more and more people would fall prey to such epidemics and may die  due to outbreak of  such diseases all of a sudden simultaneously in 8 to 10 countries altogether ,as you  are aware in 1984 there was no cure for AIDS and since then many people around the world died due to having sex with multiple partners, later on it took years of research to develop an AIDS cure.

By the year 2030 deadly chemicals and Biological or Radioactive elements or agents as stated in the opening paragraph of my blog is most likely to be used by the extremists or separatists In India or any other country around the globe, we are totally unaware of such dangerous chemical and Biological or Radioactive elements which could be used as mass weapons of destruction , or may not be used in our or other  countries,considering this as a grave threat I am of an opinion that in each State Police Headquarters of our entire Indian Country and entirely all the Police Commissariats of all the states the police may start imparting training for young men and women to become accustomed and conversant , fully trained to combat and detect such Chemical and Biological and Radioactive elements cases right from this year itself .Our Army ,Navy and Air force personnel  can also be trained to handle such situations in places like Airports Ships,or any part of Railway or Highways in co-ordination with the Centrals Para Military Forces ,Coast Guard and other law enforcing agencies.

By 2030 the extremists all over the world  can  change their modus  operandi  (way of attacking)   and instead of making bombs explosions they may take  the help of  Chemical and Biological or Radio logical agents and other weapons  to kill people in large numbers.I now feel that we can urgently follow  the example of United States of America and make our forces and other law enforcing agencies fully prepared and become ever ready for tackling such future incidences right from today itself.