Indian Meteorological centers which are spread out across the cities of India collect data through various sources like satellite imaging and other latest methods by making use of radars which have reliability and credibility ,  sudden changes in the weather conditions within a few minutes makes their predictions  untrue with the result  our Indian people normally take their  forecasts very lightly.

About a fortnight ago there was severe stormy weather followed by incessant, heavy rains and  dust storms, this resulted to loss of property and precious lives. On contacting the Meteorological  Center its  head   gave the reply to the Newsreaders  on T.V news channel that before the onset of the severe stormy weather our radar developed a major technical snag or fault , hence due to this serious malfunction  further predictions regarding the stormy weather conditions could not be relayed by them.

I may  inform everyone through my blog that The Weather Bureau forecasters can keep at least one extra radar kit  and its accessories in their stores as an extra item, the technical staff  would function round the clock in such  cases of emergencies & ensure that all the Radars and other technical instruments are functioning without any faults or glitches , a responsible officer would ensure that the forecasts regarding the weather conditions are passed off after cross checking the details to the broadcasting media, i.e the Radio as well as T.V channels without any further delay. Thus the goal of the weather forecasters could be achieved with complete success, and the fishermen including the common office goers would be stress free to  commute daily in the local trains or other modes of transport,  even the fishermen would dare to venture in the seas without any fear in their minds.