In India women  become victims of rape,kidnapping,molestation,murder or acid attacks because we become mute spectators of the crime when it takes place,instead of helping the victim most of us are busy in preparing videos in our mobiles that is one of the main reasons most of the crime against women takes place in broad daylight.

In most of the cases either the criminals are having political influence or they having good approach with the police officials this is one of the reasons such heinous offences  are never reported to the police, the other reason is guilt or shame which the victim has to face during the course of investigation or later on  during trial in the court,the witnesses are forced to support the perpetrators of the offence thus the victims feel humiliated as they  feel that they have not been provided any justice by the court as the criminals go scotfree.

If our schools and colleges include subjects like Judo, Karate,Krav Maga, Wrestling ,Taek wondo, Kalaripayattu ,Boxing ,Gatka (Punjabi martial art) ,Sword and bamboo stick  fighting skills to girls and women, in schools and colleges these skills  could be considered as a compulsory subject  with at least 20 marks, girl students who would take active   part in these fighting skills training  for at least 4 years in N.C.C, Scouts and Guides as extra curricular activities , this would be of great  help  to control crime against women in India.

Women working in offices in urban areas and metro cities may be permitted to carry pepper spray or a small knife of about 5 inches to protect themselves in case of  emergencies in their ladies hand bags,they may travel in a group of 4 to 5 women or more thus no one could be able to stalk them or commit any crime during their travel from their homes to their place of  work.

In our country crime against women is a serious issue today, the specific reason  is that most of the  developed countries have  given licences for  prostitution ,as well as to gays and lesbians ,who are in involved in these flesh trades in Bangkok and other countries    in order to have effective control over crime against women and girls in India we have to follow the examples of some of the European countries  by giving  some of the relaxations  either to start ladies beer bars or issue specific licences to legalize it, as it is followed in Bangkok or in other  advanced countries,  thus crime figures will show a downward trend and the lives of our innocent girls and women will be not taken away by criminals committing sexual offences against them in presence of everyone in broad daylight .I am of this opinion that in this way our women and girls may feel safer to move around without any fear on the road even at night time.