Recently  it was disclosed in one of India’s leading newspaper that most of our very big metropolitan cities are very highly  air polluted random checks by Central Pollution Control Board and State Pollution Control  Board experienced officials who  have been monitoring the quality of the air in metro cities since a long time  have stated in their findings that simply because there is more quantity of nitrogenoxide, carbonmonoxide, sulphuroxide, and particulate matter released regularly by chimneys of old factories,or coal based electricity production plants  the air pollution is still under control and not that too bad, in our  metro cities ,they further conclude that  still metro cities are safe to live.

I am of the opinion that  nuclear energy  could be  used  for production of electricity although it is a bit costlier, the next available option  is making use of wind energy and  preparing electricity from the sun in the form of solar energy  thus air pollution could be controlled in a better way in future.

In order to effectively control air pollution, old polluting vehicles which  are still in use in metro cities , having 15 or 20 years old registration with R.T.O can either be sent to other cities where there is very less pollution or they can  be sent to scrap yards,  considering  one  of this major aspect that most of road accidents also  takes place in India as people are still using 15 to 20 years old  vehicles in metro cities.

At the onset of winter season people very often burn old vehicle tyres in order to keep them warm   this causes   heavy air pollution in metros, it is further added that many wealthy people due to their ego very often refuse to opt for private car pooling which normally  causes  an increase of  plying more vehicles on the roads, now, if there is a huge traffic jam on the road  the motorists very often  keep their vehicle engines running  this causes heavy air pollution in big metros.I personally feel that an    increase of vehicle traffic on the roads during peak hours in one direction itself  and at the same time slot is  one of the prime causes of air pollution.

People are dying in metro cities due to Heart Attacks, Asthma, Stroke, or Lung Cancer due to  air pollution, but nowhere in the death certificate of the dead it is indicated that the person died due to severe Air Pollution of that particular city.

On June 5th every year comes Worlds Environment Day on this day the Politicians, Teachers, Social workers and NGOs  distribute saplings to schools and colleges students  later on for the rest of the 364 days they  totally neglect as to ,whether the saplings have been provided water and manure by the students to grow properly , the saplings die due to neglect by the students, every Principal and Teacher may inform  the  students group that if the sapling dies they will owe it as  their personal responsibility , they may purchase  a new sapling from the market , plant it in the same place where the sapling had  dried ,thus  students will remain extra careful by    protecting  it and ensure that it is regularly watered and provided manure in order to become a large tree in the coming years.

Government may give more  subsidy,incentives to those purchasing Electric cars,Scooters, or Electric Rickshaws as these E vehicles will keep the air of metro cities clean as there will  be less deaths in cities due to  air pollution.I lastly conclude that on holidays and  on sunday more & more people may come out of their houses and use cycles which will not only keep the air clean , the cyclist will also remain healthier as cycling is a very good exercise.