Even after seven decades the  economic condition of Woman in India had not improved despite giving specialized training  to  Woman & girls during their schooling and College days , banks are giving loans to women entrepreneurs to start cottage industries like agarbatti, candle ,Diya, women garment manufacturing, furthermore, they have been given specialized training to manufacture gents and women woolen sweaters knitted by machines as well as hand woven of various sizes and colours.

When it comes to sell their merchandise in markets the midlemen comes in  with the result the women are unable to get an opportunity to sell off their manufactured articles at a good price in the market,the middlemen or commission agents make huge profits by selling the same  either in anther state or it is sold to another middleman in bulk quantities.

In the present scenario the women who have taken loans from the Banks are  subjected to more hardships in paying the  monthly EMI and paying recurring expenses like electricity bills payment, labor , transport ,packing or incurring of extra expenses of medical bills on women workers,or any kind of breakdown of machinery parts.On some days of the week there is no electricity hence they have to keep their women workers idle thus there is a very big productivity loss

In order to maximize their profits Trade Fairs only for Indian Women Entrepreneurs could be  organised so that our Rural and Urban population could be of huge help to Indian women investors ,in this way our population will also know about their skills and give patronage to cottage industries goods manufactured by them which will be sold by them directly totally eliminating the middlemen,thus the consumer as well as the women entrepreneurs can be benefited to a great extent in maximizing the profits and reducing the selling price of the finished goods altogether