In India there are about 12000 to 14000 Ham Radio Operators who have already been granted licence by our government to work as Amateur Radio Operators, normally they are given a fixed radio frequency on which they can contact with their colleagues around the world.

In case of any Earthquake, Hurricane, Floods, or any  other Natural calamity when there is entire collapse of communication with the entire world in that troubled times Ham Radio Operators are the only source through which we can inform the entire world that a country or region is  struck with any Natural Calamity or Disaster and we need their help.

When there is an urgent need of such operators they  are reluctant to work stating flimsy reasons that they are not professionals, very often it is seen that they turn a deaf ear to the Government officials who ask for their help in such critical situations citing various reasons of their unavailability.

I am of the opinion that  armymen working in corps of signals, airmen of our Indian Air Force and Indian Navy who are directly working in the radar and wireless sections can easily  be taught to operate Ham Radio Operations, God forbid if there is any Natural Calamity these trained  Defence Forces Ham Radio operators can set up their Ham Radios and Keep uninterrupted contact with the outside world.

I further conclude that In the interest of our nation only Defence personels may be issued Ham Radio Licences so that they will work round the clock  for our beloved country India.