Through my blog  I wish to inform everyone that our soldiers are guarding the highest battlefields i.e  leh and ladakh, it is here the temperatures drop upto minus 11 degrees celsius .our Indian  soldiers are taught mountaineering, rock climbing,  asked to perform multi tasks in case of rough weather and avalanche falling,providing first aid &   helping their colleagues who are in distress .

These armymen who have braved the harsh weather of   leh and Ladakh  and stayed at the top of the mountains in extreme climatic conditions  for more than 4 to 5 months continuously as they can provide better know how about teaching mountaineering to the amateurs as well as the professionals.         I feel that the Army may construct such  training schools for giving training to the beginners as well as advanced courses for professionals and amateurs this will not only create job opportunities for our retired armymen but also give them opportunity to teach their professional skills to youngsters who have completed their N,C.C.” C”  certificate and those who are willing to join Indian Army after the completion of the course.

Now the million dollar question is what work other armymen would do who have  superannuated  after completion of 20 years of service,for them Indian government may allow them to work as Tourists guides in their state  , necessary licences for their working as Tourist Guides  can be issued by the Indian Tourism Department. Thus the Tourists coming from abroad may feel more safe  as they will not be duped by private Tours operators and  private Guides,the tourists will also feel more safe in the company of   retired Indian Army  soldiers working as tourists guides for them wherever they go to visit places of tourist interests in India, hence there will not be a single case of cheating or molestation as they will follow more discipline  as the retired soldiers have worked throughout their lives in a disciplined way.  Furthermore In case of any natural or man made  calamity or any distress the  registered Army Guide can very easily take the help of  M.C.O nearby .Hoping  the government will take  action by issuing suitable orders.