Through my blog I wish to inform everyone that every year students from all  of  the states in  our country have to appear for Medical Entrance Exams it is only those students who get very high marks  are admitted in Government Medical Colleges for joining Medical Graduate Course comprising of five and a half years including internship.

The situation is very worse for those students  who want to pursue  Post Graduate Course in Medicine as the Medical seats are very limited in Government Medical Colleges ,and the competition for admission is very tough, to get Post Graduate seats in Government Medical Colleges  it further depends on the high percentage of  marks obtained in entrance exams obtained by the student.  Government Medical Colleges are very few in numbers in India  even the meritorious students are unable to get  admission in post graduate medical courses.

In India we have the best Infrastructure, best  Teaching Faculty, and best Management, in the present scenario if we want to increase the Graduate and Post Graduate  Medical seats is  this possible,I will tell you the method how this is possible even from this year 2018 in my next paragraph.

Normally our medical , engineering,management & research colleges run in one shift that is from 10.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs ,I am of the opinion that if all the colleges in India work in two shifts from morning 7.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs and in the second shift from 13.05 hrs to 19.05 hrs we can make optimum use of the same college building without   creation of  any additional infrastructure.

In running the second shift of such colleges  we would only need to  appoint experienced  new Medical faculty consisting of Professors,Lecturers as well as supporting staff , thus in this way we would be able to create more Medical seats at Graduate and Post  graduate level, as well as create more job opportunities in the market.

Now when the second shift gets over by 19.05 hrs I feel evening courses on various subjects like Law, Chartered Accountancy, Cost Accountancy, and foreign Languages classes,Personality Development classes, Embroidery and Tailoring Classes for dependent women,widows and girls, Computer Classes, could be started in various colleges of India, from 19.05 hrs to 22.00 hrs .

As this system would not only create more and more college seats for the college students but the evening part time classes would attract more and more poor students who are doing jobs  for survival of their families during  the day they would seek admissions and would get an opportunity to study for 3 hrs at night to complete their education and may become successful in their lives by obtaining degrees and studying in part time slots in different colleges. Furthermore all  of these colleges would become self sufficient and may refuse to ask for grants from the Government in future.

.I think our present B .J .P govt would  immediately take efforts so that all the seats of colleges in India are almost trebled from the year 2018 itself, just before the year 2019 when  the General elections are  to held in India.