Right when a girl child is born in India she is given shelter by her parents,when she grows up she is married and is given shelter by her husband and after his death she is given shelter by her sons , furthermore if  she has  dependent daughters as a  last  resort she has to take shelter in her in laws house  thus it is said that she always needs the support just as a creeper plant to grow.

In case a woman becomes widow without bearing a child she is very often treated as a barren land and sent either to Mathura , a place situated in India, where widows pray God and lead a  spiritual  life concentrating only on meditations till her death.Also in other communities of India, they are similarly treated,  widows are shown disrespect at the time of some auspicious occasions like marriages and is asked to leave the house as she may bring in bad luck.

Widows in India normally do not get their share of property if she is living in a Joint Family, very frequently  she is either sexually harassed by the elders who are very strong and, influential in their area,who  have normally good connections with the local politicians and  police  thus the poor widow cannot   either say  a  word or,  protest against them in any form or lodge an FIR against her family   with the police authorities.

If she demands her share of property she is declared as an insane woman and sent to mental asylum for treatment, or it could be possible that she is deliberately killed in a Road Accident whereas in some cases she is either deliberately killed by sending  venomous snakes in her sleeping room thus a snake bite  is declared as an accidental death of a widow.

In order to prevent such malpractices ,Indian Hindu Remarriage Act 1856 could be repealed and in its place Indian Widows property succession  Act 2019 could be enacted and passed in the Indian Parliament which may give wide powers to the widows of all the states of India to which these poor illiterate widows belong so that they are not victimized in future, this act will accommodate such sections that the Magistrate of the Family Court  having jurisdiction will  provide free of cost lawyer to any  widow to represent her case if she is refusing or willing to take her share of property in her matrimony house,if she desires to live separately the honorable court would grant permission to such requests after obtaining her signature before 2 independent witnesses, herein a clause can be added that whosoever threatens or compels a widow when she asks for her legal rights to property that person would be liable to be imprisoned for a period of 5 years or with a fine of 50000 rupees  or both. There may also be a sub clause in  the above mentioned amended act that  the widow can change her mind later on  and can re-apply for her share of property even after 20 years have passed by during her lifetime.

Widows are normally threatened and compelled when they ask for their Property rights hence the existing clause in the act will give the Indian widows their right to shelter (Accommodation) and thus their victimization will be curbed to a great extent.

I feel that our Honorable Prime Minister of India Modijee will take prompt action for improving the living conditions of our Indian widowed illiterate  women who are being harassed by the rich and the influential. It  is felt that this act would ease the lives of widowed women , and widowhood would not be a curse to Indian Women any more in this 21st century.