I would like to inform you all through my blog that the Food Corporation of India (FCI) keeps about 40% of the surplus food grains and cereals in open which is only covered with plastic sheets and is directly exposed to unseasonal rains or pests making it sometimes unfit for human consumption.Later on it is discovered that a part of the food grain stored was found fit for human consumption immediately it  is sent to breweries  for preparing liquor like whiskey or rum from these  semi wet food grains by some of the  F.C.I officials .

Shashi Shekhar the Editor in Chief of The Hindustan Times Mumbai in his article ” HUNGER IS INDIA’S  WORST KEPT SECRET ”  Dated July 30th 2018 had very clearly indicated that in just only 24 hours ,that is every day about 3000 children die of malnutrition but this data is deliberately  suppressed by every Government  as they all know that telling the truth will have adverse effects on running their Governments, this is also a fact that even today 34 out of 1000 children die in their mother’s womb itself during pregnancy , furthermore Nine Lakh children die before they attain the age of only 5 years and it is indeed very very painful to say that even after 70 years of Indian Independence, 19 crore of our Indian Population is compelled to sleep on an empty stomach, how our Government would resolve to solve such a big crisis is such an important question of this present 21st Century.

I would like to give an examples of some of  the wedding parties  of very rich and influential persons in 5 stars hotels, Bureaucrats, Ministers, Barristers, Industrialists, top Film Industry Actors ,Directors, and high ranking dignitaries along with their assistants attend these party  functions,  lots of Continental and Intercontinental  dishes are prepared by more than 200 to 300 cooks in order to  welcome these revered guests but here I would like to elaborate that when such lavish parties are in progress the edible food is wasted in extremely large quantities,I have personally seen many visitors try to get new plates frequently the reason being these guests feel that their hands might get spoiled while eating the food, thus they only take one tablespoon bite for taste and later on immediately throw the plate in the used plates bin at regular intervals , later on the next day the entire food which is left over  is thrown  in the neighbouring dust bins in large quantities by the catering staff of that 5 star hotel the reason being that the food had lost  some of its aroma and taste whereas this food could be given in charity to poor people who are dying of malnutrition and hunger in India.

In my personal opinion, I have come to a certain conclusion that in order to stop the wastage of food grains, If certain directives are given by the Food and Civil Supplies Department to the F .C .I and Public Distribution Systems (P. D.S) outlets over India that each  of  the below poverty line (B.P.L) family can be issued 6 to 8 months of surplus rations twice a year by the Government and the money could be recovered in easy installments from the B. P .L family.

In case the B P L family is unable to repay the pending amount, such families can have another option to work in various ongoing government projects as laborers or as  supervisors.

In this way  the wastage and losses to the food grains can be prevented and cases of malnutrition and hunger deaths can be minimized by handling it in a better way.